Food / Health


Here is the newest addition to our home. I anticipate that our grocery bill will increase a little, since it takes alot of veggies to make a drink. But I’m sure it will be worth it for our health sake. I would rather pay for this as preventative measures, than to pay high doctor bills if we were to get sick.


The idea is to crush out all of the nutrients and liquids, and get that into your blood. By containing none of the fiber, the drinks can do just that. No stopping for digestion. This helps to replenish your blood and cells with the best living nutrients… better than chewing to extract the same nutrients.


The first glass of juice. Isn’t it pretty? I love the rich color of beets! This was a drink from 1 big beet, 3 small garlic cloves, 6 big carrots, 2 medium tomatoes, and a cup of chopped fresh spinich. It made two glasses like this, which was about two cups of liquid and a bunch of froth. It was pretty good, but I would cut back to one small or medium garlic next time. It was a tiny bit too strong, but not terrible. More garlic would be good to chase away a cold.

I don’t like to waste anything so I threw the fiber pulp from the vegetables into a soup. Not bad, but I will have to work on some other ways to use the leftovers. I may have to be creative if we start juicing regularly… it leaves quite a bit of pulp.


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