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Natural Remedy – Reducing Symptoms

Last week I came face to face with sickness. It started as an irritation in my nose. So I immediately took action. Being on vacation, I didn’t have my usual array of options for fighting sickness, so I decided to use what simple things I had available. I first used the salt water treatment. The following afternoon I had a fever and felt terrible, but the nose irritation did not advance to the throat. So I tried another simple remedy. I had garlic, lemons, and water … three essentials to fight a cold. Garlic is antibacterial, lemons have vitamin C, and water helps to flush out the bad stuff. Here is the recipe for what I did with them.

Garlic and Lemon Water

1 1/2 cups water

1/2 large lemon (or lime)

1 small to medium clove garlic


Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into the water. Chop or mince the garlic into the water. Stir and set aside for 5-10 minutes to allow garlic to mingle. Drink the liquid.

Before you drink it, you can strain out the garlic if you want. I just take out any floating pieces and leave the rest in the bottom to further mingle. You can adjust the quantities of lemon and garlic as needed. If you like to have more potency, add more garlic or lemon. To me, this recipe was not overwhelming. The garlic and lemon was just enough to be tasted in the mixture, but not so much that it is repulsive. If it is too strong, add water. What I did a few times was drink about half of the mixture, then add water to fill the cup again.

lemon garlic 2

What happened with my cold? By the next morning the fever was gone and I felt a lot better. None of the symptoms worsened, but rather I could tell that the germ was defeated quickly. In just a few days I felt nearly normal. I don’t claim that this drink alone made the cold and fever disappear. I believe it is often a combination of actions that gives you victory over a cold or flu. I usually try to eat healthy in the first place, but if a cold comes, I eliminate as much sugar and processed foods as possible from my diet, drink more water, give my body rest, and start simple treatments such as the one I mentioned, or others I have listed here on my blog. Most of the time this is enough to reduce severe symptoms.


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