About Me

books and fruit

I want to share the things I know, for the benefit of others. It is fulfilling to know that I can make a difference.

Currently, I am a housewife and fine artist. I used to work in the field of architecture and interior design, so I appreciate those creative avenues also. Other interests are writing, studying the Bible, gardening, cooking, health and natural remedies.

It is my desire to live the simplest and best quality life possible, and to inspire others to do the same. I say simplest, knowing full well that life continuously presents challenges and a multitude of things to fill my schedule. Our world and culture never cease to complicate the way we do things, the food we eat, the products we buy, the technology that impacts us. And the working world seems to keep raising the human accomplishment level more and more near to that of our machines. Despite that, I believe that keeping life simple means going back to simple basics and even stearing clear of some of the chaos that can confront me. I have chosen to spend more time cooking from scratch, growing my own food, and learn nature’s simple ways of health and healing. For me it has also meant some sacrifice. I gave up TV and movies (yes, can you believe it?) a couple of years ago, a little unsure whether I could survive such a major simplification so unthinkable to millions of people. But like many things that I have given up for the sake of simplifying, edifying, and fortifying my life, I don’t even miss it. I have been able to fill my time with new and better interests… some of which I want to share in my blogs.


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