Favorite Websites

Art Galleries
My favorite gallery in Hot Springs Arkansas is this one. I have always seen the best quality and most mature talent displayed in this gallery: www.justusfineart.com

One favorite gallery in Saugatuck Michigan: jamesbrandess.com

My favorite gallery in Douglass Michigan. This is a big gallery with lots of great art: www.buttonpettergallery.com

Camping (luxury-style)
Although I like spending time outdoors, I am not a huge fan of camping. But if I had the money I think I would appreciate camping luxury-style. Check out the luxury camping in Montana: www.pawsup.com

Food Sources
I really appreciate businesses who offer lots of organic and non-GMO options. Azure Standard is one of those quality resources that I like to take advantage of. I don’t order every month, but when I do I have always been satisfied with the product. They are located in Oregon, but they deliver to many places. Take a look and see if they deliver to your area: www.azurestandard.com

Gardening (organic)
This farm is operated by a nice Christian family (two brothers and their families) devoted to a simple, sustainable lifestyle. They grow organic herbs and vegetables and do a CSA program for their local community near Williamsport Tennessee: www.bountifulblessingsfarm.com

Graphic Design
If you are planning a wedding or event and need invitations or announcements, this is a good quality place: www.spicykumquatdesigns.com

Outdoor Places
A few years ago I visited this little herb farm in southwestern Michigan, and really enjoyed the walk around. They have nature paths through the herb garden, and there are several rustic buildings you can rent for dining events and weddings. It is an ideal setting: www.southernmoon.com


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